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Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.



B.S. Music Education - University of Connecticut

M.A. Clothing & Textiles - University of Connecticut

Ed.D. Counseling Psychology and Creative Therapies - University of Massachusetts


Dr. Suzanne Jonas has been practicing music medicine, sound therapy and energy medicine

for over 25 years in hospitals and private practice. Some of the modalities she uses with clients are:

• Voice Spectral Analysis and the EVOX

• Vibro Acoustics and Sound Therapy

• Guided Imagery and Music

• Behavioral Medicine

• Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT]

• HeartMath Biofeedback

• Spiritual Counseling


MUSICIAN Born to a nurse and a public school band teacher, Suzanne has been playing musical instruments

since she was 4. She won numerous solo contests and at age 16 was awarded a seat as flutist in the

Gary IN Symphony. She continued playing and singing throughout her college and adult years - it is

an integral part of who she is. Today she uses her musical abilities and skills in leading

therapeutic drumming classes.



 Two Cds and Call Me in the Morning 3rd Edition which includes 2 companion CDs.

 The Practitioner's Guide to Vibro Acoustic Therapy.


For over 20 years Dr. Jonas has worked with clients in healthcare, business, and education.

In her book you can learn how music and sound affect us and how they can heal and improve us, no

matter the symptom, occupation, place of work, or time of day. The appendix is filled with specific music

recommendations for whatever you would like sound to assist, i.e., surgery, creativity, relaxation,

digestion, grades, etc. THe two companion CDs are: What is Sound Therapy and Blessings, which

was found to be effective at reducing anxiety and increasing spiritual values in a University of

Connecticut study.


She has numerous articles published in a variety of venues. Many of these can be found on her blog.


She has a chapter in the Baylor School of Medicine’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:

The Definitive Approach on “Music in Rehabilitation”.


Musical Medicine CDs

Dr Jonas’s research into the effects of sounds, music, and imagery on the body has led her tocreating many CDs which have been used in a variety of healthcare facilities and clinics. Cardiac Healing and Blessings were used in university studies; Pain Control, Color Magic, Deep Relaxation were formulated  and found effective in a hospital Pain Clinic and many other CDs listed below have been tested and verified for effectiveness.


Her Deep Relaxation CD (scripted for stroke and chronic pain) was chosen by National Public Television as a promotional item in 2004. Her latest highly effective CDs incorporate specific frequencies to lessen the effects of various healthconditions. Played through headphones, they greatly decrease symptoms. Some of these Healing Tones CDs are: Muscle Ease, Digestion, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Ease, Immunizer+, Bone Healer.





Dr. Jonas’s doctoral research [1986] focused on one-day surgery patients listening to music pre, intra, and post operatively. The results showed many benefits including decreased amounts of anesthesia needed, fewer side effects in recovery, and increased satisfaction with the overall surgical experience. The following years the research was continued with surgical patients using the Hemi-Sync Surgical Support Series from the Monroe Institute. These patients all experienced benefits from the use of the tapes including decreased anxiety and pain, shorter hospital stays, and few side effects and complications.



This study, conducted by Dr. Jonas, used the Medical Resonance CD for Neurophysiological Disorders to assist in decreasing Parkinson like symptoms [2011]. Results were encouraging for decreasing tremors and improving over all sense of well-being. Many other self reported improvements were noted by the listeners.

Read full report

Her Parkinson's  frequency CD was used in a study by Rush University and found effective especially in decreasing Bradykinesia.

Read full report



Dr. Jonas authored a Cardiac Healing CD with the Monroe Institute for a study at the University of Conn. It demonstrated a significant decrease in anxiety in patients who had had heart attacks. Her Blessings CD was recently used in a study at the University of Connecticut with cardiac patients and was found to increase their spiritual values and decrease anxiety.



While working in the Weldon Center for Rehabilitation in Springfield MA, Dr. Jonas authored the Deep Relaxation CD for stroke and chronic pain patients that was found to be highly effective in reducing anxiety and low levels of pain. It was given to every patient to assist them in their recovery.



An important part of pain management is learning how to relax the body and mind. While working in the Weldon Center Pain Program, Dr. Jonas developed three guided pain management tapes for varying levels of pain. These were found to be very effective by the participants in the program; the tapes not only assisted in decreasing the pain, but also empowered the listener to learn pain management techniques that could be used with a CD. The programs include: Deep Relaxation/Self Healing for lower levels of pain Color Relax for lower and medium levels of pain Pain Control for high levels of pain.



Found to reduce heart rate and respiration rate and increase oxygen saturation levels in a hospital study in Novi, MI.



Dr. Jonas has taught at the universities of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and at Maryville College. She was nominated for the Outstanding Teacher Award at the Univ. of Mass.



For 25 years Dr. Jonas has trained nurses in musical medicine in hospitals and for the Birchtree Center for Transformation. Learn more about bringing the Music Medicine training program to your healthcare facility.



An international conference speaker, Dr. Jonas enjoys sharing her experiences, research, and love of music with audiences of all backgrounds.


Workshop Leader

Some of Dr. Jonas many interesting and informative workshops include: Tuning Your Chakras, Opening Hour Heart, Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning, Anger Kills.

Full listing of workshops.


DR. JONAS can be TEXTed at: 865-980-0137 or

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