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Lightness of Being

Modern Mystery School
An immersion into freedom, clarity and awe.

Student Requirements


Is this is the right course for you?

Yes, if you are ready to:


Be Honest with YourSelf - willing to acknowledge your contribution to creating your life.


Keep an Open mind - to new concepts and information - to SUSPEND Judgement.


Let go of all fears - greed, anxiety, shame, anger.


Set aside time EVERY day to do homework.

Stop complaining, blaming, finding fault.


Be Disciplined.


Bring a sense of Humor - our school's name is Lightness of Being!!!


Explore yourself, your  world, other dimensions and see/experience multiple perspectives..


2024 Course Dates & Registration

Classes will begin May 25th 2024 and will be held  once a month on the Saturday closest to the full moon.:  May 25, June 22, July 20, August 17, September 14, October 19, November 16.

Classes times:  9:30 am- 4/4:30pm.   Bring your own lunch.

If you miss a class you will need to wait until the next course to finish as each class builds on the experiences of the former classes. 

Classes are held at Inner Harmony Health Center, Walland TN

The Course includes

Two  30 minute private calls with Suzanne.

A variety of audio programs and voice scans.

Cost: $1736     

Payment plans can be arranged.

We prefer Zelle, Venmo, Check, Cash

If you prefer Credit Card or Paypal there is a 3.5% charge fee on each of the above payments.

To ENROLL - send an email stating your intention to


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