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Lightness of Being

Modern Mystery School
An immersion into freedom, clarity and awe.

Student Requirements


Is this is the right course for you?

Yes, if you are ready to:


Be Honest with YourSelf - willing to acknowledge your contribution to creating your life.


Keep an Open mind - to new concepts and information - to SUSPEND Judgement.


Let go of all fears - greed, anxiety, shame, anger.


Set aside time EVERY day to do homework.

Stop complaining, blaming, finding fault.


Be Disciplined.


Bring a sense of Humor - our school's name is Lightness of Being!!!


Explore yourself, your  world, other dimensions and see/experience multiple perspectives..


2024 Courses 

Solstice and Sound - June 22, 2024


What Wisdom does your Higher Self have for You? - Saturday September 14, 2024


KEEP INFORMED - received periodic updates and announcements

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