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HeartMath Biofeedback

Heartmath biofeedback screen

Biomedical studies clearly show that the amount of stress you feel is based more on your perception of a person, place or event, than on the event itself. When you are mentally and emotionally reacting to life you are releasing self-poisoning stress hormones into your system.



HeartMath biofeedback measures heart rate variability (HRV), the best predictor of the risk of mortality for those who have heart problems - better than smoking or cholesterol. It is also a good measure of problems in other conditions such as diabetes, sudden death syndrome, and other diseases of neuropathy such as alcoholism.



FREEZE-FRAME is an interactive HRV biofeedback program that will:enhance your power to stop reacting,help you change perspective,increase creativity and problem solving,decrease many symptoms.



How would you like to feel better without taking drugs?

Participants report feeling

~less stress, anxiety and anger, and more in control.

Scientific studies show profound effects on

the cardiovascular, immune, hormonal and autonomic nervous systems which provide improved physical and emotional health.

Learning how to use FREEZE-FRAME biofeedback is easy. It can be done in 4-6 sessions, and just might save your life.

Appointments are held at Inner Harmony, Walland  TN
To make your appointment, TEXT Dr. Jonas at: 865-980-0137 OR email

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