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Lightness of Being

Modern Mystery School
An immersion into freedom, clarity and awe.

Evolvement is Interminable

Planet Earth is just one of hundreds of places in the Cosmos to learn lessons and evolve.
Earth lessons sound simple:
#1 - Love yourself and others. [Heart]
#2 - Use your intellect and discernment wisely. [Brain]

#3 - Learn the 7 Awarenesses

However, humans have been on this planet for a millenia and we are still self sabatoging, murdering and harming others and our environment, and are unaware of not only who we are but also the bigger pictures.
This program is designed
to assist you in awakening to your own harmony, guidance, and power.
When you surrender into your highest selves, you will fi
nd freedom and clarity.
You remember your sovereignty and you re-member into Wholeness and the Oneness.


Lightness of Being will 

give you  the opportunity to embrace your higher life purpose, become an agent of positive change, manifest spirit, and attain Mastery over the Self.

You will learn how to embrace your divinity here in the physical.


Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D., psychotherapist/sound therapist


Suzanne’s current life on Earth School has been driven by a powerful urge for outer and inner exploration, playing and researching music and sound, and the creative process. From mountains in Tibet, ashrams in India, great masters and teachers everywhere and ‘no’where, immersions and intensives to uncover, remember, relearn, and experience all that is. In those decades she has found freedom, clarity and awe.  She has been guided to share her knowledge and wisdoms to assist others in remembering who they are and re-membering themselves into wholeness and Oneness. It is time to become a Master of your own energy, to find home in yourself, and live your integrity with spirit.

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