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Lightness of Being

Modern Mystery School
An immersion into freedom, clarity and awe.

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Our Program 


Are you ready to find the Peace that Passeth all Understanding?

Are you ready to find your own truths?

Are you ready to be a consciousness creator?

Are you ready to be greater than you imagined?

We are the keeper of codes of remembrance of worlds from whence we come

and Great Home beyond all worlds of form.

Our course is based in opening the portals in the 7 major chakras -

the next level after energetic mastery of each.

This occurs when you have mastered yourself, which if the final

step in human (Earth School) evolvement.

Each chakra will be explored in depth through sound and imagery, breathwork, voice analysis, biofeedback, games, movement, art, and homework.

The final frontier is NOT outer space, but Inner Space.

             Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. Astronaut, Apollo 14, 6th man to walk on the moon.

The Importance of Sound


Sound is one of the elements of the creation of the Cosmos.

Sound touches us at the cellular level and reorganizes destrught cells.

Every culture on this planet has used sound and/or music in rituals and healing.

It enhances, enriches, and can accellerate your path into Oneness.

It is at the core of our program.

You will

~ get your birthnote and find out whether it has been maintained

~ experience music for elevating your vibrations into the SupraMental, where change can take place

~ attain a personal complex set of frequencies for immediate rebalancing of mind and body

~ reclaim your harmony and soul song

The knower of the mystery of sound

knows the mystery of the whole universe.

              Hazard Inayat Khan,  Sufi Teacher, Mystic, and Musician

Lightness logo_edited_edited.jpg

           Our Logo

Is based on the number 7.

There are 6 overlapping circles and one circle in the heart of it all. 7 is considered a sacred number of deep and profound meaning in mythology, astrology and numerology. This configuration is called the Seed of Life and often called the “Genesis Pattern”.

The number 7 is found throughout many traditions. For example, there are 7 chakras, the 7 biblical days of creation, the colors of the rainbow, the notes on a diatonic musical scale, the 7 days that make up a week, the 7 higher and lower worlds in Hinduism and the 7 Hermetic principles of the Kybalion and 7 Awarenesses.

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