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5 Bodies of Consciousness

We are more than our physical body. 


Healing means restoration of wholeness in ALL levels of being not just the physical.


5 Body Therapy includes

an assessment of all of the consciousness bodies to see where the root cause of your dis-ease, illness, or disturbance lies. To address the root cause, the most efficient therapy(ies) will then be chosen.


Assessment Tools



~Chakra Evaluation - Each of our 7 major chakras are associated with organs and emotions. Too much or too little energy in these areas will reflect the imbalance in symptoms.



~The PRISM Approach - in the 5 Body Therapy System a 4 sided model governs the approach to restoring wholeness. 

Starting first with beliefs of the ego then moving to an 'other' assessment then into one's higher heart and finally looking for the 'aha' - the insight that makes the leap to total understang and healing in the quantum level.


~Behavioral Medicine Counseling 

~Emotional Freedom Technique

~Heartmath Biofeedback

~Spiritual Coaching



~Guided Imagery - This approach greatly assists in moving from the ego/mental body into the Supra mental body.

Decades of research has shown that profound insights and healing can occur from guided imagery exercises. When in a deeply relaxed state, you can access your Inner Healer and Higher Wisdoms.


Adjunct Therapies

~Musical Medicine Programs - Ever since the dawn of time, man has used sound and music for healing. The audio CDs unsed in the clinic have been carefully compiled and chosen for their high effectiveness. You can view some of the selections at:

Musical Medicine


~Vibro Acoustic Therapy


~Homeopathy, Herbs - Using BioAcoustics and Applied Kinesiology we can pinpoint deficiencies exactly, such as which muscle or vertebra needs attention, and recommend homeopathics and herbals.




5 BODY THERAPY is the umbrella for everything at Inner Harmony
5 bodies of consciousness

Appointments are held at Inner Harmony, Walland  TN
To make your appointment, TEXT Dr. Jonas at: 865-980-0137

OR email

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