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Lightness of Being

Modern Mystery School
An immersion into freedom, clarity and awe.

     What Wisdom does your Higher Self                     have for YOU? 


                                    A Playshop on Saturday September 14, 2024   9:30-4:30

          Invite              Connect            Experience

What if you could tap into an unending source of unconditional loveand higher wisdom?

What if this sage voice was yours and yours alone?

What if accessing and utilizing this guidance would clarify the choices that could bring you greater

       peace, health, freedom and sovereignty?

What if this fountain of wisdom is just waiting for you to discover?

Why access this source?

Discover your souls' unique blueprint and life's purpose.

Gain greater access to spiritual wisdom and perspective.

Find clarity to make decisions and deal with challenging times.

Develop a deeper understanding of your place in the universe.

Transcend limiting beliefs, overcome obstacles, and feel fulfilled.

          The Mystical Musician:

         Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D., psychotherapist/sound therapist

Suzanne’s current life on Earth School has been driven by a powerful urge for outer and inner exploration, playing and researching music and sound, and the creative process. From mountains in Tibet, ashrams in India, great masters and teachers everywhere and ‘no’where, immersions and intensives to uncover, remember, relearn, and experience all that is. In those decades she has found freedom, clarity and awe.  She has been guided to share her knowledge and wisdoms to assist others in remembering who they are and re-membering themselves into wholeness and Oneness. It is time to become a Master of your own energy, to find home in yourself, and live your integrity with spirit.   Additional Background Info.

          The Modern Mystic :

          Dr Samarah Grace Daniels



Internationally known channel, Samarah Grace, has been sharing the wisdom of Mother Mary since 1998. Samarah's Amazon best selling and award winning book, Will You Be with Me, details the extraordinary events and challenges of her journey. Clairvoyant and clairaudient since childhood, Samarah now shares in her classes and sessions, how anyone can access the higher realms with practice, persistence, and faith.Once that connection has been established, the joy of hearing and knowing the guidance their higher self offers allows decisions to be clearer as the path of greater light and truth are clearly revealed. Samarah is a skilled "Soul Whisperer" and it is her joy and her honor to assist all those who choose to be inspired and guided by their light.


Before the Class  

Join the teachers in 3  Introductory FREE ZOOM meetings:

1. July 11th, 7pm : Meet Your Mystics. An opportunity to hear Suzanne & Samarah's very different journeys.

2.August 11, 4pm: Find Your Frequency. Suggestions for exploring a variety of paths that will work for you.

3. August 27, 7pm: Feel Your Frequency. How to know when you have found your frequency.

Each session will include extras just for you to assist  in your process.

Bring to Class  

Notebook and writing utensil

Lunch - drinks and snacks will be provided

Registration & Details  

Class is held at Inner Harmony in Walland TN    9:30-4:30

Fee:  $188     Payable by check, Venmo, Zelle, cash 

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