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Why we use do not compress our files.


Parkinson’s CD Study Summary [Rush University] 8/2011


Music’s Effects on Parkinson’s Symptoms

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.  7/2010


The Effect of Music Reinforcement for Non-Nutritive Sucking on Nipple

Feeding of Premature Infants. Standley, Jane. Pediatric Nursing/May-June/Vol.36/No.3



35,000 Year Old Flute - oldest known instrument


Joyful Music is Powerful Heart Medicine, Researchers Find


Hearing Loss and Earbuds

        NY Times     Tips to Avoid Hearing Loss


Web delivers new worry for parents: Digital Drugs



Metal Music Can Weigh Heavily on Teens Mental State


Research shows classical music relaxes train communters

and reduces anti-social behavior. Music used in London & Canada reduces crime, too.


High Pitched Device serves as teen repellant.


Using sound waves kills coliform bacteria in milk. Greener way to pasteurize milk.


Sound wave freezer!  Using sound waves to produce cold to freeze your ice cream.


Fermenting grapes influenced by music to make great wine.



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