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Appointments are held at Inner Harmony, Walland  TN
To make your appointment, TEXT Dr. Jonas at: 865-980-0137   OR  email

Counseling Modalities

Below are some of the state of the state of the art counseling techniques we use at Inner Harmony to help you create balance, allow self-healing and restore well-being. We are committed to a whole person approach to healing so several modalities may be used in your treatment plan as we balance all 5 Bodies of Consciousness.

5 Bodies of Consciousness

Behavioral Medicine Counseling

A one on one approach that focuses on the connection between perceptions, emotions, responses and your physical symptoms. As seen in the above image, most physical symptoms are manifestations of an emotional mental issue

Stress Management

Teaches techniques to effectively manage a variety of stressors.


Nutritional Assessment

Determining what supplements you really need. Highly reliable testing equipment with either the BioAcoustic or QXCI identifies biochemical, vitamin, and mineral imbalances that inhibit the natural healing process. Recommendations are given with the most bioavailable herbal and homeopathic supplements available.


Muscu-skeletal Assessment

Highly reliable testing equipment with voice spectral analysis identifies the exact muscle and vertebra in stress. Imbalances can easily be addressed with sound therapy.


Relaxation Training

Most people can not relax, which is vital to our body's regeneration and healing process. Using biofeedback and Hemi-sync CDs, you are taught how to control your thoughts and physical body in stressful situations, at the end of the day, and how to facilitate healing.


Intuitive Counseling

We are a wondrous synthesis of mind, body, and spirit. We are able to perceive our body and emotions and some of the workings of the mind with our five senses.


Much of our subconscious mind and spirit, though, are normally hidden from us during our everyday life. It is possible to access these 'hidden' areas of ourselves through meditation. However, there are also persons with the ability to sense these areas in others.


Through Intuitive Counseling it is possible to perceive information that might be obscured from our normal consciousness. Such information might include one's transpersonal patterns, purpose in life, talents, spiritual opportunities, and growth lessons.


Intuitive Counseling sessions include a reading of your life's purpose, growth issues, personal health, relationships, vocations, and future trends.




lotus represents inner peace

Spiritual Coaching


Life Changing Transformations Are Possible Now

Is your inner voice beckoning you to make changes?

Do you desire a more joyful life's experience, creative solutions, greater health and well-being, and peace of mind?

Do you know without question you are powerful, but haven't been able to harness that power?

Do you:
~read the "right" books and listen to all the tapes but something is still missing?
~allow others to hurt you?
~feel like you are falling apart on the inside?
~feel there is more to you, but don't know how to get in touch with your Inner Wisdom?
~allow others to 'steer' your life?
~notice your spiritual/religious beliefs are changing?


Spiritual Counseling helps you uncover your limiting beliefs.

It is a journey to discover who you truly are.

It is an opportunity to look inside and reconnect with your True Self.

Explore our meditation and guided imagery audio programs for spiritual growth.

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