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Musical Medicine


Hemi-Sync/Binaural Beats - Hemispheric synchronization (Hemi-Sync) technologies promote a condition in which portions of the electrical wave patterns of both the left and right hemispheres of the brain become synchronized - an optimal condition for harnessing more of the brain's potential. The synchronization occurs through a system of sound signals accompanied by voice instructions and neutral sound or music. This state of hemispheric synchronization occurs naturally for random moments including when we drop off and awaken from sleep. Other states of consciousness, such as sleep and focused concentration, can be produced harmlessly by using similar principles as found in these CDs. Hemi-Sync has been applied successfully:



• to focus attention and accelerate learning of physical and mental skills.



• for controlling pain and aiding recovery from surgery and illness;



• for self-behavior modification and to aid psychoanalysis;



• to 'program' sleep cycles



• to slow excess mental activity and provide unique opportunities for heightened creativity, relaxation, meditation, musically inspired imagery, and stress reduction.




All of the Hemi-Sync® CDs are identified with a * before the title. There are also a few research articles listed   HERE


Musical Medicine - programs were developed and scripted by Suzanne Jonas, psychotherapist specializing in Behavioral Medicine, Medical Rehabilitation, and Sound Therapy. The CDs are the result of her years of experience in general hospitals, a rehabilitation facility, fertility institute, women's health care clinic, and private practice.


Healing Tones [frequency CDs]These specialized programs are based on combinations of specific frequencies to assist the body. 


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Musical Medicine is devoted to bringing the healing and focusing energies of music and sound to everyone. This is done through educational seminars and workshops, consultation, counseling, and the availability of specialized audio CDs
These CDs have been carefully researched and used within a variety of settings including ICU, CCU, Fertility Clinic, Pulmonary program, Pain Clinic, Medical Rehab Unit, private psychotherapy practice, and Pre-Intra-Post Operative settings. We have given the utmost consideration to effectiveness when choosing the selections.


At this time we offer the following different lines of CDs:

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