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Workshops with Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.

Bring the Power of Music and Sound into your Life


Suzanne Jonas has a message of success for you, as well as an engaging style that will make you want to not only listen to music all the time, but to apply it wisely.




For her entire life, Suzanne Jonas has played music, researched its effects, applied it in education, healthcare, business, and personal life. She knows what works…and she brings this critical information to you and your organization in a way that is immediately relevant.


As a nationally recognized leader in sound/music medicine, Suzanne delivers her innovative techniques in a unique and engaging style.


Industries from healthcare and education and many more have been inspired and enhanced by her personal message.


Suzanne knows how to assist you in using the power of music and sound to create beneficial results in everything you do.


Not only will you be inspired and motivated to use music and sound, you will learn how to apply it to achieve change.




Here are a few of the results you can expect to learn:
~WHY sound/music creates changes in us
~HOW to best apply music/sound for…
       healing, productivity, learning, emotional health
~SHIFT attitude beliefs from “It doesn't do anything”
       to “It really is scientific and works!”
~DEVELOP a program of implementation



Seminars About Music/Sound
~Give Your Brain a Tune UP

~Take Two CDs and Call Me in the Morning

~Creating Yourself with Sound


~Music: the Language of the Soul
~Mozart, the Photon, and the Divine

~The Sound of God

~Give Your Chakras a Tune Up

~Therapeutic Drumming



Counselor and Sound Therapist
music therapy book

Additional Great Seminars
~Anger is Killing You

~Stress Busting

~Forgiveness Heals

~A Hero's Journey - Opening Your Heart

~Opening Your Heart and High Heart Chakras

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