Voice Analysis

Based on the premise that all living systems emit frequencies, it has been determined that our

voice can demonstrate the frequencies.


An analysis of a person's voice can reveal imbalances in one's biology and emotions. These include problems with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, muscles, vertebrae, hormones, and unresolved emotional issues with self, parents, and beliefs.

The physical imbalances can then be influenced or re-balanced with the application of the appropriate frequencies. These audible low frequencies are delivered through the vibro-acoustic lounger in the office, then through a specialized portable tone box or CD and headphones at home. The tone boxes and personalized CDs allow clients to continue to treat themselves between sessions.

This sound therapy helps the body decrease tension, anxiety, spasticity, unwanted symptoms and promotes healing through the delivery of specific low frequency sounds.





Individual Private Sessions with Voice Analysis

This process begins with a series of four distinct steps:

1). Finding your Fundamental Sound Frequencies through voice spectral analysis to balance your body

2). Exposing you to these sounds through a specially designed Sound Therapy lounger

3). Making a CD recording of your frequencies to be used at home in an intensive, every day program in between sessions.

4). Finding your key emotional blockage and releasing that through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), guided imagery, or Energy Talk.




There are five core sessions in the initial BioAcoustics Program.
Each of these five sessions, and the CD that accompanies them, is working on a different level of healing and balancing of your body, emotions and mind. These sessions are usually once a week, but can vary according to your response time and needs.


The first Sound Therapy Voice session takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and involves testing through a variety of different body systems by taking a voice print. This is done by speaking into a microphone which translates your voice into a specialized computer program. Dr. Jonas then analyzes the results to find imbalances that are used as a guide in finding your specific frequencies. These systems include: structural, muscular, bio-chemical, organ/gland, neurological and emotional centers.


The high-tech sound generating equipment used in this process can accurately divide musical intervals by 100 steps - that's 100 divisions of sharp or flat between two notes on a piano keyboard.


This highly accurate frequency pattern is then played through your body using a specially designed sound therapy lounge with electronic "tuning fork" transducers, which turn the entire lounge into a giant vibrational sounding board.


During this first session, you will be lying on the sound therapy lounger with headphones on. The specific sound frequency and brainwave entrainment frequencies will be playing through your body and your ears. Sometimes, you will have a separate program playing through the headphones.


The second session involves re-testing the frequencies that were found the first time, to make doubly sure it is correct. Many times the initial frequencies have done their job and corrections are needed. During this second session, focus is also on finding the key emotional blockage to your well-being. This is accomplished through an examination of the Emotional Chart from your voice print and an energy process called Energy Talk.


The next few sessions involve continued exposure to interventions and sounds to help you uncover blockages and accelerating self healing.


During the later course...
At the conclusion of these five sessions, your visits will usually extend to 2 week and then one-month intervals in which you will be working with your custom sound recordings at home. This method of working with your custom recordings at home on a regular basis acts as a catalyst for initiating and constantly moving forward the inner change process.


NOTE: The above schedule can be amended to suit each individual. Call to discuss these with Dr. Jonas.


Taking a voice print

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