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Training in Music Medicine

Every culture on this planet has used music and/or sound in the

service of healing and transformation.


Birdcalls, drumming, shamanic chants, gongs, horns, bells, and song have played a central role in the life of humanity. Research has demonstrated the physiological effects of music and sound on the brain. These studies in psychoacoustics and bioacoustics are proving that music and sound are effective in decreasing many physical and emotional symptoms and assisting in healing and well-being.

The Music Medicine Program


The Music Medicine Program is designed to give a background in music and sound and its applications for passive listening.

It is appropriate for a wide variety of healthcare professionals. Content of the program includes:


  • How music/sound has been and is currently being used worldwide.

  • How music/sound is used in healing.

  • How music/sound influences the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

  • How imagery and music enhance each other

  • How to administer basic Music Medicine.



One Day Format - Held in your site

This training gives a basic understanding in Music Medicine. Participants will be able to apply recommended Music Medicine programs and other resources for others.



Two Day Format - Held in your site

This includes the one day format plus an additional day held 3 weeks later. Participants will be given homework to complete that will be discussed in this class. This second session gives participants an opportunity to learn new procedures, expand on topics of interest, and receive feedback on homework and answers to further questions.


Hospital Unit Format - Held in your site

Designed for a specific unit in a hospital, Format includes lectures, examples, experiences, meetings with personnel.
i.e., MedSurg, ICU, CCU, this one day format is tailored to issues in the specific unit.
Specific music medicine and other resources will be recommended.













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