EVOX restores inner emotional harmony with issues like:
  ~ repeated, negative behavior                    ~PTSD
  ~ addictions                                                ~pain
  ~ weight problems                                      ~depression
  ~ psychological issues                                ~relationship issues

You can explore issues, intergenerational relationships, skills, physical problems, allergies.
There appears to be NOTHING that can not be assisted by this program.

How EVOX works:
EVOX records a 10 second slice of your voice and maps it onto the computer.
EVOX selects appropriate frequencies and plays them to you through a hand cradle while you listen to music through headphones and our sound chair.

Your energy shifts, new insights and feelings arise.
You are sent home with flower essences to assist your body in making these changes.

The process takes from 45-90 minutes.
At least 3 sessions are recommended.




Appointments are held at Inner Harmony, Walland  TN
To make your appointment, call Dr. Jonas at: 865-980-0137

EVOX- Bioresonance

Deep rooted emotional roadblocks can keep you ‘stuck’ in a pattern of physical and emotional disharmony.

By using the EVOX, an innovative voice remapping technology, we can identify emotional blockages and assist in dissolving them.
It is well documented that your voice pattern is comprised of various tones and reflects the state of your mind and body.

Evox bioresonance handcradle
Evox bioresonance screen