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Vibro Acoustic Devices

Vibro Acoustic Back Cushion - $399 + shipping   


Vibro Acoustics is the BEST way to receive your healing tones.


Sound Oasis products contain the highest quality transducers

to assist in translating our freuquencies into your body. Not only do you hear and receive our tones through your ears, but also every cell of your body.


Product comes with a control unit that includes 4 self contained programs:

     ~Relax    ~Stress Reduction   ~Energize   ~ Sleep.


You may also plug in your CD player or MP3 into the control unit to play our

healing tones CDs. Plug your own headphones in for a multi-sensory experience!


We like to place this cusion on a zero gravity chair.


Try placing it under your legs, propping it up in bed with pillows, under your feet.

We have mastered our Healing Tones CDs for use in vibro acoustic devices.


We will send you 2 FREE Healing Tones CDs that have been specifically remastered for use with Vibro Acoustic devices.

(if you have a preference, let us know, otherwise we will send you Oxygenizing and Etheric Sweep)


Instead of the pure tone you may be used to, we find that the body resonates and absorbs the frequencies more quickly and efficiently when pulsed through a VA device.


View our list of Healing Tones CDs HERE


Vibro Acoustic Research Bibliography



 ORDER - Back Cushion + 2 FREE CDs









Never too young for vibro acoustics


Our NEW Vibro Acoustic Chair

Give your entire body a sound massage



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