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Sounding the Solstice 

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The focus of this program is to learn the basics of sound, music, vibro acoustics, and the application of such as a therapeutic modality not just a relaxation tool. It will be integrated into  the structure of the ancient chakra model.

We will look at root causes for imbalances and corrective therapies with special focus on music, sound, and imagery.

Sound - audible vibration

Throughout history, ancient cultures have acknowledged the potential of sound for spiritual and healing purposes. They have employed various techniques such as chanting, drumming, and the use of singing bowls and gongs to create a sense of balance and harmony within the body and mind. Mystery schools and Temples of Aesclepius taught the structures of sound and how to use specific vocal and instrumental sounds for healing.

Today, many individuals are continuing the exploration of sound for a wide range of effects including healing, surgery, destruction, fire fighting, wine production and many more. 

The knower of the mystery of sound

knows the mystery of the whole universe.

              Hazard Inayat Khan,  Sufi Teacher, Mystic, and Musician

Solstice - Sun + stand still.

Ancient Midsommer rituals focused on light over darkness, fire banishing evil spirits, fermentation of land and women, celebrations of various goddesses.

Today, it is a time to look inward, to assess, to learn, to change.

Guided Imagery to assist you in connecting with your inner wisdoms and healer.

Held at the beautiful woodland
Inner Harmony Health Center.
Explore Sound as a Healing Modality

Opportunities to feel sound/music

What is sound?         What is music?

How to use prescriptively for change.

Learn your  signature sound.

Assess Your Major Chakras

We are more than our physical body. 


Healing means restoration of wholeness in ALL levels of being not just the physical.


The ancient chakra system will be the basis of the seminar. 

We will examine each of the 8 major chakras plus the high heart chakra  and  its  dis-eases and healing modalities.

This will assist in your greater understanding

of health and who we are.


Partciular attention will be on the use of music and sound as a modality for each energy center.


Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.

Psychotherapist/Sound Therapist

Robert Bonham, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Musician, Biofeedback


Saturday June 22, 2024


Inner Harmony Health Center, Walland TN

Bring your own lunch. Drinks and snacks provided.

$93.00  Checks, cash, Venmo, Zelle accepted

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