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 Enhancing Your Intuition Play-shop     


The focus of this program is to learn the basics of sound, music, vibro acoustics, and the application of such as a therapeutic modality not just a relaxation tool. It will be integrated into  the structure of the 5 Bodies of Consciousness model.

We will look at root causes for imbalances and corrective therapies with special focus on music, sound, biofeedback, and imagery.

Guided Imagery to assist you in connecting with your inner wisdoms and spiritual guides.

Held at the beautiful woodland
Inner Harmony Health Center.
Explore Sound as a Healing Modality

Opportunities to feel sound/music

What is sound?         What is music?

How to use prescriptively for change.

Learn your  signature sound.

Assess Your 5 Bodies of Consciousness

We are more than our physical body. 


Healing means restoration of wholeness in ALL levels of being not just the physical.


5 Body consciousness model will be the basis of the seminar. 

We will examine each body and  its  dis-eases and healing modalities.

This will assist in your greater understanding

of health and who we are.


Partiular attention will be on the use of music and sound as a modality for each body.

Expert Leaders

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D.

Psychotherapist/Sound Therapist

Robert Bonham, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Musician, Biofeedback

Personal Frequencies

Dr. Jonas will be offering individual vocal profiling on Sunday June 4 for out of town guests only.


Each session will be aprox. 1 1/2 hrs. and includes a BioAcoustic reading and formulation of your own personal CD of frequencies that you can take home. Depending on time, the session may include time on a vibro acoustic chair.


If interested, please contact Dr. Jonas before coming so your slot can be reserved.

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