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Raising Your Vibration  Playshop

      February 24, 2024
nner Harmony, Walland TN


Evolvement & Vibration in Earth School
           Learn how to go through life in grace

We are all born with a signature vibration.

During our lifetime it is through our choices that we lower it, maintain it, or (hopefully) raise it.

It is always a life plan to fulfill our potential, to be the highest and best. When we keep our focus on these dual missions of evolvement AND raising our frequency levels, we advance towards becoming a genuine human being.


We know from the ancient Egyptians sung vowel sounds were important in their rituals as one way to raise oneself up to the One. Asklepios wrote to King Amman saying:

“As for us, we do not use simple words but sounds all filled with power.”

Corpus Hermeticum* states:

“Sacred or magical language is not to be understood as a succession of terms with definite meanings…the excitation of certain nervous centres [cause] physiological effects [which] are evoked by the utterance of certain letters or words which make no sense in themselves.”

*Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD


Why was the knowledge and practice discontinued or lost?

Break the Aspirin Music habit!

As humans we inately use sound for calming and energizing. We use it for rituals and war, emotional expression and healing. We have it anytime we want it by using our voices or tuning on the radio or a music play app.  Most of the time those effects are transitory.

This cycle of feel bad, self medicate (food, alcohol, music...) lowers your vibrational rate and over time changes your physiology. Headaches, rashes, decreased immune system, heart palpitations, etc are good examples. Then over a longer period of time these can become 'normal' or lead to more chronic conditions.

One thing we know for certain: you cannot solve a problem using the same frequency level that created it.


In this playshop...

We will spend time

~ identifying your frequency lowering beliefs

~ manifesting new beliefs 

~ raising your vibrations into the SupraMental

~ also raising the vibrations of the planet thru sound and imagery

We will expore concepts and tools, like:

~the use of sound in Creation

~use of sound in destruction

~ancient languages embedded with high vibrations

~power mantras, chants, toning and songs

~digital vs analog produced sounds

~440hz vs 435hz vs 432hz

~the power of a drumming circle, if time permits

~Cymatherapy, Rife frequencies, AO Scan, Personal Frequencies

You will

~ get your birthnote and find out whether it has been maintained

~ experience music for elevating your vibrations into the SupraMental, where change can take place

~ attain a personal complex set of frequencies for immediate rebalancing of mind and body

~ receive a free copy (digital or CD) of Sonic Chakra Resonator that will resonate and expand the 16 major chakras

Registrations Ends  February 20th

Let me know if you would like to use

Zelle or Venmo.

                What to Bring

  • an open mind

  • notebook

  • comfortable clothing

  • YOUR OWN LUNCH - beverages  & snacks provided

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