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The Short Test of Musical Preferences

The STOMP  is a 14-item scale assessing preferences in music genres. The STOMPR (below) is a revised version of the scale assessing musical preferences for 23 genres.  In the original version, there were four broad music-preference dimensions.  Subsequent analyses suggest that five factors provide a better fit for the data. This is the pioneering work of the authors listed and can be found in their journal article in Music Perception.


 Rentfrow, P. J., Goldberg, L. R., Stillwell, D. J., Kosinski, M., Gosling, S. D., and Levitin, D. L. (2012). The song remains the same: A replication and extension of the MUSIC model. Music Perception, 30, 161-185.


If you want to hear musical clips used in the study of the various genres, go to the link and use music examples from Sound Files for Study 1.

Note: The soundtrack and oldies genres don’t load on a single factor. So you can remove 

those two genres from the STOMPR or simply not score them

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