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Enhancing Your Intuition

Saturday April 9, 2022     9:30-1:30pm  
Inner Harmony Health Center Walland TN

Are you still guessing as to what vitamins/supplements to take or what therapy might be of benefit to you, or diet, etc?


Intuition - a sometimes subtle bit of information, sometimes a  jolt out of the blue, sometimes a full revelation. But never something to be ignored! as it is always right.  And, it can be accessed on purpose as opposed to waiting for the occasional insight.


The minds of those who are highly intuitive are shown to be more whole brain, using both hemispheres simultaneously to access information.


In this play shop we will:

  • Look at where intuition is from and several  historical ways to access it.

  • Use a variety of tools like games,  music, sound, hemi-sync to practice accessing a whole brain state

  • Learn how to use a pendulum to obtain quick answers from our SupraMind: Things like:  

        Do I need a B supplement? Is it beneficial for me to get acupuncture? Would it be best

        to eat a non gluten diet?  listen to Bone Builder? call Aunt Mary? Do yoga? and a million

        other questions pertinent to you. 


Leader: Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D., psychotherapist/sound therapist

Saturday April 9th, 9:30-1:30pm

Inner Harmony Health Center - Walland TN


$45 -  

includes free binaural download to practice with before the play shop

A link will be sent to you after you register

  • Bring your own snacks - we will test whether they are good for you or not! Surprises are in store!

  • Bring your own pendulum.

  If you are new to this, get a rose quartz orgone-faceted pendulum. I do have a few for sale.


QUESTIONS?  email  Suzanne 

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Registration Ends Thursday at Midnight
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