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The mission of Inner Harmony is to assist all who come here in finding their own Inner Harmony. Just wishing for good health or world peace is not the answer. You must first believe these are the natural order and are already yours. We offer many modalities that can empower you to open your own doors and to release old patterns: sound healing, EFT, sound healing CDs, music therapy, biofeedback, and others. Whether it be through one on one counseling, participating in a class, the Sound Healing School, or using sound or music, we are here to support and guide you.We wish to assist in lighting your light so that you may be a beacon for others and help them light theirs. Counseling and Sound Therapy in TN


Many Blessings Always,

Suzanne Jonas & Robert Bonham




"We must become in ourselves, the very things that we choose

to experience in our world."



Inner Harmony

A program of frequencies in music  that may decrease pain, increase cell health and mental clarity, and prolong the quality of life

Lung Cancer

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Certificate Program in Sound Therapy for

     Healthcare Practitioners, Musicians & Teachers

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Robert Bonham, Ph.D.
Counselor and Sound Therapist

musician, psychotherapist and sound therapist assists in opening your connection to healing, well being, and the Divine through many modalities and venues.  Learn More About Dr. Jonas

Professor Emeritus of Maryville College. He offers personal sessions, workshops, and trips designed to enhance personal growth. These include holistic keyboard practices to optimize performance and prevent injury, Reconnective Healing, and HeartMath training.