Speaking from the Heart

Do you have trouble speaking when confronted?

Do you have trouble speaking to 'powerful' persons?

Do you have trouble speaking to your significant others?

Do you have trouble asking for what you need?


we will explore 


so you can speak from your heart.

Saturday December 1, 2018
9:30-4:30   Inner Harmony Health Center
Registration must be received by Nov. 27th.

Using the outline of the 5 Bodies of Consciousness, we will explore all layers of self using the modalities of:


~Chakras -  

Chakra tuning is an ancient practice which originated in India. Using sound and vibrations we will clear old 

energetic patterns and attune our emotional awareness and consciousness to higher frequencies, resulting in a greater sense of well-being.


~Intuition -
We have all been given the gifts of intuition and spiritual awareness. By learning to access these gifts and to use them to raise your vibration, you can forge a clearer and deeper connection with Spirit. This is where you hear the voice of Spirit and where you also learn to speak from the heart, through love. The way we were all created and intended to be with ourselves and each other.
Key elements for discovering and accessing your intuition and awareness will be discussed; an effective meditation technique and  a shared activity for raising your vibration.


~HeartMath Biofeedback - 

Research has discovered that our brains and hearts can be in various levels of effective communication. When the lines are down, we tend to react impulsively, adding to the chaos. When the lines are fully connected and flowing, we are in an optimal place to respond effectively, to understand situations, and to bring peace to our part of the world. 

 The HeartMath Institute has developed the research and technology that offers an objective method to attain heart/brain coherence. This involves biofeedback that uses a finger (or ear) monitor connected to a small HeartMath device (or computer or even a smartphone). Because this device gives precise feedback on the state of one’s heart-brain coherence, it becomes relatively easy to learn (using breath, imagery, and feeling) and to improve. 


~The Prism - 

This unique tool will help you quickly discover which of your buttons (forgotten agreements) is being pushed, how to disengage it, how to respond from your heart, and most importantly, what is the big lesson for you.


~Fire Ceremony -

We will end the day with a ceremony to release any beliefs/memories/traumas that you have learned from and are ready to transform.

SUNDAY - Discounted private sessions available!
Our presenters are offering discounted sessions to you on Sunday.
Choose your session and arrange your time with them before leaving.
Sessions will take place at their place of business.

Presenters - our presenters bring over 125 years of experience and expertise to the workshop!

Alicia Randisi-Hooker is a professional cellist and teacher bringing decades of experience to her energy work. She has a particular interest in the power of music to transform the lives of all people.

Pamela Nine - is a Professional Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Medium, accredited writer, spiritual development educator and owner of Nine Wellness, located in Knoxville, TN. She is a natural-born psychic, intuitive and medium. 

Robert Bonham, Ph.D.is Professor Emeritus from Maryville College, has a private Reconnection Healing and HeartMath biofeedback practice. He is also on the faculty of the Piano Wellness Seminar,  and plays in a professional piano trio, Trillium.

Suzanne Jonas, Ed.D. - is a psychologist trained in Behavioral Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology and Sound therapies. She has written several books and journal articles, is owner of InnerHarmonyHealthCenter and Musical Medicine, and is teacher for the American Wholistic Nurses Assn.

Registration (must be received by Nov. 27th)
Class size is limited so register soon by emailing Suzanne
and paying with PayPal, OR, $99 check made out to 
Suzanne Jonas
2943 Old Chilhowee Road, Walland TN  37886

Fee is for Saturday ONLY

Payment for your Sunday private session will be arranged at the end of the workshop.

What to Bring on Saturday
~Familiarity with The Four Agreements by Ruiz
~Lunch for yourself (there is nowhere near here to go to)
~Snack to share
~Wear comfortable, layered clothing

PLEASE READ The Four Agreements by Ruiz before class