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Musical Medicine

NEW Headband with Speakers - $20          BUY

     Recommended for listening to binaural or frequency CDs.


Stretch fabric

2 quaility stereo speakers,

Music Medicine logo on the front

Plugs into CD or MP3 player -

       tuck the MP3 inside the band.









Pillow Phonic Speaker Strip - $20      BUY


Pillow-phonic™ features two quality flat speakers in advanced foam material that deliver crystal-clear sound at gentle, safe volume levels, in stereo, throughout even the plushest pillows. The audio is of very good quality and it can be heard gently throughout the entire surface of your pillow, allowing you to turn and toss freely without missing a beat or a word.

Slip a  Pillow-phonic™ in your pillowcase or under your pillow. Connect it to your tape, CD, or MP3 player, radio, TV, radio/alarm clock, or other sound system... and relax in total comfort. You can even put your MP3 player INSIDE the packet.

Recommended by professionals for stress reduction, to sleep better, mask tinnitus, for pain management, subliminal learning, and other therapeutic and leisure applications. Great for children and babies, too.


MP3 player is NOT included.

Sleep with your healing music


 Exercise with music.


Match the beat of your

music to your pace

to increase performance


THROW AWAY YOUR EARBUDS! - THey are causing hearing damage.       Read more

  We recommend Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium headphones

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